Immaculate Conception

In a holding cell awaiting punishment is an unfaithful wife who was given to the Caliph for punishment. The Caliph looked upon the husband with pity, and looked upon the wife with anger and contempt, because nothing is more sacred in Jizzlam than fidelity between man and wife. The Caliph pulled out his cock and ordered her suck it. She reluctantly complied. Then, the wise Caliph looked upon the wife and the husband, and he began to fuck her. He told the wife “you and your husband will raise my offspring” as he ejaculated inside her vagina. Then he began to whip her to finalize her punishment. The wise Caliph knew that by both of them raising his baby, the two would grow closer in their faith in Jizzlam, and obey the rules of the Caliphate. So mote it be.

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