Radical Jizzlam Spreads

To the sub-Saharan region. The Caliph, under orders from the Caliphate has ventured across the southern sea into the realm of the savage, where a sermon was given. The Caliph said, “is there anyone here who has not ever had the milk of a prophet? There was silence. He asked again. And from the crowd, in a tattered loin cloth and bare breasts emerged someone. The Caliph chastised her for being of bare breast and immediately covered her. She knelt, and the Calip unsheathed his cock. He taught her how to convert, and she caught on very quickly. She never tasted the ambrosia that a cock shoots, so she was taken by surprise when it erupted in her mouth. She swallowed all the Caliph’s milk, and she was baptized right then and there. Her story was told, and it spread to the next village. He took her with him back to arid lands of which he rules to further show the rest his conquers and exploits.

190 Photos, 13 min of video


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