Unfaithful Wife Gets Whipped

She was not covering herself when the Caliph found her, and he immediately whipped her for disrespecting what she's supposed to hold sacred. Then The Caliph finds out that not only is she not covered and participating in these protests, but she is cheating on her husband who is a hard working and loving man. So the Caliph whips her some more. The only cure for a woman like this is the Caliph's milk of paradise, and a full conversion to Radical Jizzlam. She began to suck Pecka, that's the name of the Caliphs huge cock. They put it in their mouths and they worship it, because Pecka is the only path to redemption. She sucked it until it erupted milk in her mouth, and she played with it so it would cover all of her sins, and then she swallowed it to become one with the Caliph and the most noble tenets of jizzlam.

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